Inclusive Design and Accessibility

The Inclusive Learning Project (Supporting Trainers for an Inclusive Vocational Education and Training) aims to provide to Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions with a solution for related inclusion problems (addressing the Lifelong Learning Program priorities) considering two main aspects:

  • Guidelines and a certified training course for VET trainers to help them address their diverse classrooms (e.g. students with hearing impairment, students with visual impairment)

  • A technological infrastructure for designing, developing, sharing and delivering accessible open educational resources

Inclusive Learning Project is interesting for you if ...

…you are a teacher

As a teacher, you may want to be trained in the process of designing and delivering accessible training content and courses for all your students. Further, you may share your accessible content and best training practices with other trainers through the technological infrastructure of the Inclusive Learning Project.

…you are representing a VET Institution

As a representative of a VET Institution, you may want to be informed about the Inclusive Learning Guidelines that can help you design VET programs by considering different aspects of inclusive design and accessibility. Moreover, you will be able to enroll the trainers of your VET Institution to our certified training course, so as to be trained in the process of designing, sharing and delivering accessible digital training content and courses for people.

…you are a policy and/or decision maker

As a policy/decision maker, you can be informed about the project tools and services, as well as the certified training course for trainers of people with disabilities, so as to be further exploited to National VET Systems.

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