University College Dublin (Ireland)

The SMARTlab is an independent international centre for research and innovation which operates in Europe via a central base at University College Dublin, and with partner sites in the UK, North America and throughout the EMEA region. SMARTlab has also launched the new Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland@UCD, with partners across the island, north and south.  The aim of SMARTlab is to work across sectors and disciplines to instigate and support positive societal change through developing and optimising technologies and digital media tools to achieve an inclusive education system. SMARTlab invents and tests new models and tools for learning. Since its inception in 2002 (at the Open University/BBC), SMARTlab has been helping to change the academy from within, providing all levels of education with new tools and methods to empower and enable many more lifelong learners and ‘non-standard learners’ from the widest variety of academic and industry domains, to undertake high level research of the highest possible quality. The base at UCD provides a large and dynamic research university context for the lab's work: inventing new interfaces and learning models using creative tools and creative engagement strategies to address the different learning styles of all learners with all levels of intellectual and physical ability, across cultures and languages. SMARTlab specialises in developing ground-up technology solutions for people of all levels of cognitive and physical ability, from mainstream learners of all ages to ‘special’ and ‘gifted’ learners and lifelong learners.

The SMARTlab team will advise on educational pedagogies attached to the uses of creative echnology innovation, and in particular, will focus on Alternative e-Access Accessibility Guidelines (WP2), as well as participation in the following WPs of the project: (a) WP3: Certified Accessible e-Training Course Development and (b) WP4: Pilot Demonstrators and Transfer of Accessible Courses Development.


Contact information:

Address: School of Education, Roebuck Office, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland


Department: School of Education

Contact: Prof. Lizbeth Goodman

Phone: 00353 (0) 1 716 7973

Fax: 00353 (0) 1 716 1143